Tess Van Den Bosch |  The Consultant

Tess Van Den Bosch | The Consultant

A small town Manitoban girl, Tess dreamed of a life of comfort in Calgary. After a long stint of administrative work in oil & gas, however, her free spirit led her to leave the cushy job to focus on her passions for community and the environment, which include graduating from the Next Up Leadership Program in 2014, and her current pursuit, a degree in Environment and Urban Sustainability from Ryerson University.

While on the road of radical life changes, in exploring another passion - music - Tess attended her first house concert. The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra was playing The Cliff House, and in that tiny room packed full of people she knew she had to be part of this extraordinary work. After meeting founder, Sarah Erickson, Tess's creative talents in writing were quickly recognized, and with her ability to wear many hats, she was brought into the Sparrow Tree fold.

After Sarah's big move to Toronto, a visit was paid in June 2014. Tess felt that pull for adventure again, and made the move herself a few months later. Her strong sense of order, knack for the vernacular, and insatiable curiousity has made her The Consultant in our creative collective, and the natural choice to put together this website.